Healing Room

Salon C

Myrna Kicknosway headshotMyrna Kicknosway will provide support during the conference through opening and closing ceremonies and her presence in a healing room.

About Myrna Kicknosway

My Shognoshi Nozwin is Myrna Kicknosway. I’m a Bodawatomi/Odawa Anishinaabe Kwe of the Loon Clan.  I originate from these lands and waters that are part of Bkejiwanong Territories. I reside at Walpole Island upstream from Detroit/Windsor on the St. Clair River. I’m a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

My background and skills have led me to work professionally and voluntarily if the fields of education, counselling, economic/employment planning, federal corrections, environment activism and community development.

My life journey, my personal learning and healing are providing me with an ever-expanding appreciation/gratefulness for who I am, and the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors who walked on this creation before me. Helping others is my life purpose opening endless possibilities/ opportunities for resiliency, compassion, joy and forgiveness.

I acknowledge all those men and women, many of whom have passed into that beautiful Spirit realm, who have helped me on my journey. This journey has lead me towards recognition of the interconnectedness of all humans, the significance of culture, language, traditions and all those elements that help sustain life here, this place I call my mother.