Welcome to the Knowledge Hub!

The Knowledge Hub connects innovative trauma-and violence-informed health promotion projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment, “Supporting the health of victims of domestic violence and child abuse through community programs” (2015-2022) and subsequently, Preventing and addressing Family Violence: The Public Health Perspective (2022-2026).  As part of its investment, PHAC is also pleased to support the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children (CREVAWC) at Western University to lead the Knowledge Hub, including a Community of Practice (CoP) aiming to bolster the combined impact of funded projects, and further advance innovations in the growing field of trauma-informed health promotion. 

These projects support people who have experienced intimate partner violence and/or child maltreatment through a variety of programs. The Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge mobilization among and for projects through a Community of Practice, the Learning Network and Knowledge Hub Webinar Series, and a variety of other resources (reports, bulletins, videos).

New Resources and Upcoming Events


Recording Available!

Reproductive Coercion Strategies in Intimate and Family Contexts: Experiences of Those Who Have Endured Them

Presented by: Carole Boulebsol

This webinar focuses on reproductive coercion and is based on the findings of a doctoral thesis conducted within the Research Laboratory on Reproductive Health and Violence led by Sylvie Lévesque (UQAM).


Knowledge Hub Presents

ConnectED Parents: Supporting parents and caregivers to prevent adolescent dating violence through texts, peers, and their environments.

Presented by: Lianne Lee

In this presentation, Lianne Lee will provide an overview of the ConnectED Parents approach, highlight emerging lessons that can shape effective strategies for engaging parents and caregivers in violence prevention efforts, and share the exciting launch of their text-learning modules across Canada.


Upcoming Webinar

Supporting Survivors of GBV and their Animals: Innovative and Collaborative Strategies

Presented by: Claire Dulude and Sue O’Neill

This webinar shares the complexities and barriers facing survivors of GBV with animals as they occur generally and in diverse communities including Indigenous communities, rural and remote communities, and official language minority communities.


New Trauma- and Violence-Informed Resource

Guidelines for Planning and Facilitating Trauma- and Violence-Informed Meetings

This guide is a reference tool for those involved in in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings that support trauma- and violence-informed practices. It provides suggestions for incorporating trauma- and violence-informed principles into planning, hosting, or attending meetings.