Fostering Violence Prevention and Well-Being for Black Women, Families and Communities

Together with its partners, the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary is conducting a community-based project that builds on the Alberta Men’s Network Training Program to prevent and address domestic violence in Black communities. 

The project is advancing knowledge, promoting community engagement, enhancing leadership capacity, and fostering well-being for Black women, men, families and communities in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. The project also increases the evidence base and best practices that focus on the diverse impacts of domestic violence and community-led prevention and intervention responses for Black individuals and their communities. 

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Infographic - How Black Communities Conceptualize Domestic Violence


Dr. Patrina Duhaney shares her thoughts on Black History Month. Watch the video here!

Community of Practice members:

Patrina Duhaney


Dr. Patrina Duhaney, project lead, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Her research grapples with issues related to race, racism, victimization, domestic violence and criminalization. She has published widely in multi-disciplinary peer reviewed journals and recently published an article titled, “Criminalized Black women’s experiences of intimate partner violence in Canada” in the Violence Against Women Journal. Dr. Duhaney has over 14 years of experience working as a social worker. She has worked in the violence against women sector for several years supporting women who have experienced gender-based violence. As an educator, she utilizes critical approaches to raise awareness of anti-Black racism and address structural and systemic barriers.

Sheryl Thompson