The Centre d’expertise Marie-Vincent is developing and evaluating a program for the prevention of sexual violence and the promotion of egalitarian relationships for children aged 6 to 12 and their entourage, by adapting the Lantern program.  The program is developing prevention and training tools for more than 600 community professionals from more than 200 community organizations in various regions of Quebec. The evaluation of the program is helping to identify best practices for trauma-informed prevention of sexual violence.  


Project Resources:

Presentation of highlights of the needs analysis

Community of Practice members:

Jessica Martin 

Jessica Martin has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a certificate in youth intervention, and a graduate degree in art therapy. Since 2020, she has been part of Marie-Vincent's prevention and training team as a project manager and trainer. Prior to that, Jessica worked as a human relations officer and trainer at the Direction de la Protection de la Jeunesse du Québec for eleven years. Jessica has a strong interest in child protection, child development support and intervention in the context of abuse and polyvictimization.  At Marie-Vincent, her role allows her to work upstream of the crisis, equipping the significant adults around the children to prevent the risks of sexual violence and to react effectively when they are confronted with it.  Her goal: to build a protective community for all children and adolescents. 

Mélanie Murphy

Melanie holds a university certificate in early childhood education, a second in social sciences and, most recently, a certificate in organizational leadership.  Since April 2023, she’s been in charge of prevention for the 0-12 age group at Marie-Vincent. For 23 years, she worked in the early childhood field in a variety of positions and has in-depth knowledge of the needs and overall development of preschool children. She has played an active role in the advancement and development of the network, promoting the importance of universal access to quality educational services and ensuring the recognition and importance of equal opportunities for every child and their family. Children have always been at the heart of her decisions.

Myriam Le Blanc Élie 

Myriam Le Blanc Élie is a sex education researcher. She holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in sexology.  Since 2017, she has piloted several projects on the prevention of sexual violence and cyber-violence aimed at adolescents and schools for the Marie-Vincent Foundation. In particular, she has developed a peer prevention approach that is deployed in several schools in Quebec. Since Spring 2022, she has been in charge of prevention and leads a team of project leaders in the implementation and coordination of various projects on the prevention of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual cyber-violence. Previously, Myriam worked as a research professional at UQÀM in the sexology department for several years.