Cross-Sectoral Solutions: Strengthening Community Capacity to Address the ‘Parallel Pandemic’ of Intimate Partner Violence Related Traumatic Brain Injury Through Survivor Led Support Intervention

The Women’s Centre for Social Justice (WomenatthecentrE) and the Acquired Brain Injury Research Lab, in collaboration with diverse community partners, are adapting, piloting, and evaluating an evidence-based, trauma informed, multi-sectoral intervention for persons who self-identify as women survivors of intimate partner violence with resultant brain injury (IPV-TBI). 

This project is creating a national “blueprint” for coordinated, evidence-based IPV-TBI services sensitive to a variety of intersectional identities and geographical contexts. The project is being piloted in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec and is building bridges between traditional silos, increasing community capacity, and establishing pathways for ongoing multi-sectoral care referral, thereby readying the intervention for sustainable scale up and distribution. 

Community of Practice members:

Maya Roy

Nicole Fontyn-Taylor  


Nicole Fontyn-Taylor is a Registered Social Worker (RSW, MSW, BSW, BA) and Program Manager with WomenatthecentrE, a survivor-led organization that works to eradicate gender-based violence (GBV) through programming, advocacy, policy reform, research and education. Nicole's lived experience of interpersonal violence has inspired her to engage in community development, policy analysis, community-based participatory research, and advocacy work in the areas of GBV, mental health, and homelessness. Nicole was introduced to art as a tool for resistance and social change, which has inspired her to incorporate art into her work and research to highlight survivors' resistance and strength within the context of GBV.

Other Members of the Project:

Nneka MacGregor (J.D.), Executive Director at WomenatthecentrE

Nikki Plant

Rifaa Carter

Gifty Asare (PhD), Head of Research and Principal Investigator

Dr. Angela Colantonio (PhD, Registered Occupational Therapist (Ont.), Senior Scientist on the Acquired Brain Injury and Society team

Danielle Toccalino (B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (c)), Research Coordinator