Project Profiles

The Knowledge Hub is pleased to host webpages promoting activities and learnings of projects which have conducted trauma and violence-informed intervention research to support health outcomes for people who have experienced gender-based violence and family violence across the life course. The projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, also came together to form Communities of Practice during their funding agreements to share learnings, best practices, identify and implement solutions to challenges that may have occurred during the implementation and evaluation processes.  

From 2022-2026

Projects funded from 2022-2026 include prevention, education and health promotion programs for people who have experienced family violence or who have been abusive.  

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From 2015-2022

Projects funded from 2015 to 2022 offered a diverse array of programming to support children, adolescents and adults who had experienced intimate partner violence or child maltreatment. Programming included physical and or arts-based activities, parenting programs, peer mentoring, empowerment and cultural programs.  

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