Acknowledging and Responding to Mistreatment in CARegiving (ARMCAR)

The new project of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults consists in adapting, implementing and evaluating the health promotion program Acknowledging and Responding to Mistreatment in CARegiving (ARMCAR). This multi-component online program (in French and English) focuses on the secondary prevention of mistreatment of older adults in a caregiving context by emphasizing early detection and support for community organizations and caregivers. It aims to increase the knowledge and capacity of its participants to identify and respond (e.g., by reporting) to situations of mistreatment in the context of family caregiving. It also seeks to reduce the level of stress perceived by caregivers, to encourage helpseeking behaviors and to increase their sense of well-being and their access to social support.

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Community of Practice members:

Mélanie Couture, PhD



Holder of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Université de Sherbrooke

Researcher in social gerontology for more than a decade, her research focuses on the co-construction and integration of clinical and organizational innovations for the prevention and management of mistreatment situations in the context of family care, in shared living environments and in the use of home support technologies.

Kevin St-Martin, M. Serv. Soc.



Coordinator at the Elder Mistreatment Research Chair.

Since joining the Chair team in 2018, he has contributed to a variety of scientific papers and written several articles, book chapters, and government reports as an adjunct and research professional. His primary research interests include elder mistreatment and the use of technology in intervention practices.