Bulletin 18 - October 2020

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News from the Hub 


Toward a Trauma- and- Violence-Informed Research Ethics Module: Considerations and Recommendations  

We are excited to share this publication that was inspired and informed by the initiative, insights, and thought-provoking discussions of the Working Group of the Knowledge Hub Community of Practice (convened during 2018/19).  

This document draws upon critical themes emerging from everyday research ethical dilemmas discussed by the Working Group and poses recommendations for a training protocol for trauma- and violence-informed research ethics. We would also like to share that a non-profit gender-based violence organization based in Portugual is about to begin training in trauma-and violence-informed responses within the GBV sector. The organization has expressed interest in translating the report to Portuguese and disseminating it as part of the training. Working group members were notified of this interrnational recognition and the document will be translated to Portuguese!  


Toward a trauma-and violence-informed research ethics module: Considerations and Recommendations.

Vers un module d’éthique de recherche tenant compte des traumatismes et de la violence : Considérations et recommandations



The Knowledge Hub is pleased to announce its new Research Briefings Series! This series features PHAC’s funded projects with a focus on research findings and its implications for policy, practice and research. We are collaborating with a media company to host high quality live and interactive 20-minute presentations by community of practice members. Simultaneous French interpretation is available during the live presentations. The media company is also producing polished recordings of the presentations that will be used by CoP members and the Knowledge Hub to reach a wider audience. The Knowledge Hub team is reaching out to projects to explore their interest, but we are hosting the online presentations based on projects’ end dates with priority given to projects that have already wrapped up their research and activities.  

We started the series with three presentations:  

  • The Flourish Project: Collaborative Approaches for Supporting Survivors of FGM/C,  
  • TransFormed: Addressing Intimate Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, and Trans Perspectives 
  •  Safe and Understood: Intervening with families to promote healthy child outcomes and prevent abuse recurrence for young child victims of domestic violence exposure.  

The presentations generated great interest and received a high number of registrants (500-800) and participants (200 -380). In case you missed out, we are excited to share the recordings of the first two presentations:  


Presented by: Wangari Tharao, Director of Research and Muna Aden, Program and Research Manager, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands  

This presentation provided an overview of the development, delivery, and outcomes of the Flourish intervention for survivors of FGM/C in Toronto, Ontario. The Flourish project aimed to address the support needs of FGM/C survivors within the context of socio-economic and intersectional realities using a community-based participatory lens.  


Presented by: Laura Hartley, Program Director and Maiesha Zarin, Project Coordinator, METRAC  

The TransFormed Project is a bilingual, community based research project led by METRAC: Action on Violence in partnership with the Centre de Francophone with the goal of addressing barriers within and increasing access to health care and social services for Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). This presentation introduced the project’s methodology, key research findings, and implications for the provision of support services to Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans survivors of IPV. Stay tuned for the Safe & Understood recording and the videos with French interpretation!  

Also, make sure to check out the latest Knowledge Hub promo video featuring the TransFormed Project!  


Using Yoga in Your Work with Women, Children, Youth and Yourself!  

Presented by: Renee Turner, Research Manager, BC Society of Transition Houses Date & Time: November 3rd, 2020 | 1:00 - 1:20 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME  

During this presentation, high level findings from the Reaching Out with Yoga project will be shared. Informed by those findings, we will share ideas of how you might incorporate some yoga and mindfulness practices into your own work, whether it be for your own self-care, or your work with clients as well as a list of resources for more learning.  

Lessons Learned from Evaluating the Bounce Back League (BBL): Implications for Policy and Practice Moving Forward  

Date & Time: November 26, 2020 | 1:00 - 1:20 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME  

Presented by: Tanya Forneris, Associate Professor of Teaching and the Associate Director of the School of Health and Exercise Sciences, University of British Columbia Okanagan  

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the evaluation approach used to examine the implementation and outcomes of the BBL. Lessons learned from the project will be shared to help inform practice and policy related to trauma-informed programming for youth moving forward.  


The Knowledge Hub wishes to sincerely thank the community of practice members whose projects will be wrapping up. These projects are:  

  • FGM/C
  • Safe & Understood
  • TransFormed  
  • Bounce Back League.  

Your contributions were valuable and significant, and we wish you all the best. Please don’t be a stranger to the Hub.