Bulletin 21 - June/July 2021

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It has been a challenging year due to pandemic-related interruptions. Despite these challenges, projects funded through this investment continue to make creative adaptions to continue their intervention research activities. We are encouraged by the growing numbers of Canadians that are fully vaccinated, and look forward to a future time when we can hold an in-person meeting with the Community of Practice members.

In this issue of the Bulletin, we share updates on project timelines, our 2021-2022 calendar of activities, and news about two Public Health Agency of Canada funded Hubs.

Updates on Project Timelines

Between 2020 and 2021, 9 projects concluded their research and activities. These projects are:

  • Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)
  • Bounce Back League
  • Safe & Understood
  • TransFormed
  • ROWY
  • Building Connections
  • Nato’ we ho win
  • Building Internal Resilience through Horses
  • FOXY

Projects were expected to come to the end of their funding by the end of 2021; however, projects have received extensions and their members will continue to be part of the community of practice! The projects and their new end dates are:

  • Shape Your Life Phase 2 - September 2021
  • STEP – March 2022
  • MindUP for Young Children – March 2022
  • Inunnguiniq – March 2022
  • iHeal in Context – September 2022
  • InterRai – December 2022
  • Sole Expression - March 2022
The Knowledge Hub’s current funding cycle also ends in March 2022. We look forward to connecting with you all at our upcoming Zoom meetings and Knowledge Exchange!


Click here to check out our past webinar recordings:

  • 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Trauma-Informed Care – May, 2021
  • Anti-Asian Racism and Gender-Based Violence: Historical & Contemporary Realities – June, 2021
  • Dr. Nicolas Berthelot's Research Briefing on the STEP Program in English and French.
  • Dr. Kateryna Keefer and Jennifer Garland's Research Briefing on Building Internal Resilience through Horses project : August 12, 2021
  • On July 13, 2021, Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose presented on strengths-based trauma-informed practice from an Indigenous perspective 

Inunnguiniq will be concluding work on this project in March 2022. Don’t miss out on Dr. Gwen Healy and Nancy Mike’s Research Briefing in September 2021 on “Developing and piloting an evidence-based intervention to support high-risk families who experience family violence in Nunavut”.


The Public Health Agency of Canada is supporting the Hub model of connecting projects within investments. There are dynamic hubs on child and youth mental health promotion and addressing youth dating violence.

The Kde hub was established in 2019 to support 20 projects funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Mental Health Promotion Innovation fund and others with a shared interest to develop, implement, sustain and scale-up very promising approaches for child and youth mental health promotion in Canada. There is a team based at Renison University College at the University of Waterloo that is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Kde hub and they are the first point of contact for all of the funded projects.

The Kde Hub has a vision for sustainable, effective, mental health promotion practices that make a real difference in the lives of children and youth, no matter where they live.

In 2019, Canada’s Healthy Relationships Hub led by PREVNet was established to bring together projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment, “Preventing Gender-Based Violence: the Health Perspective, Teen/Youth Dating Violence Prevention”. There are 21 research intervention projects funded through this investment that are delivering promising research intervention programs to prevent dating violence among teens/youth and they are sharing knowledge about what works in this field. A PREVNet team based at Queen’s University is facilitating the activities of the Healthy Relationships Hub.

Through 21 dedicated research projects and a National Youth Advisory Council, PREVNet aims to educate the country about youth dating violence and its associated negative effects.

Both Hubs are achieving their objectives by:

  • Supporting PHAC’s funded projects and connecting them through a community of practice
  • Making connections across Canada
  • Helping to apply the insights and the lessons from PHAC’s funded projects into a broader policy and system change agenda

Visit Kde hub for resources on child and youth mental health promotion, descriptions of the funded projects, and information about the hub and related supports.

Visit Canada’s Healthy Relationships Hub for capacity building tools and resources, information about the funded projects, the community of practice chat videos, and upcoming events.

KNOWLEDGE HUB TEAM Linda Baker, Sara Mohamed, Anna-Lee Straatman