Bulletins: News from the Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub Bulletins are produced quarterly and feature news, updates, and activities of projects and Community of Practice members connected to the Knowledge Hub through the Public Health Agency of Canada investment, Preventing and addressing Family Violence: The Public Health Perspective.  In these bulletins you will find discussions related to:   

Bulletin 30
March 2024 - Connecting with the Projects

Bulletin 29
December 2023 - KH Team Visited Montreal!

Bulletin 28
September 2023

Bulletin 27
June 2023 - an overview of knowledge exchange held in June 2023.

Bulletin 26
March 2023 - The Knowledge Hub team is pleased to announce the development of two new knowledge translation products.

Bulletin 25
January 2023 - a briefing of the new Community of Practice (CoP) focusing on trauma and violence-informed health promotion for people who have experienced family violence or been abusive in their relationships. 

Bulletin 24
March 2022 - a review of the activities of the Knowledge Hub related to the Community of Practice from 2015-2022.

Bulletin 23
January 2022 - project updates, research briefings, new video resources

Bulletin 22
October 2021 - lessons learned from wrapping up a project (video resources); vicarious trauma among researchers

Bulletin 21
June/July 2021 - updates on project timelines, calendar of activities, hubs that you should know about

Bulletin 20
March/April 2021 - Knowledge Hub Research Briefings recordings now available in English and French; video spots

Bulletin 19
February 2021 - research interventions within a pandemic context; working group report promotions 

Bulletin 18
October 2020 - release of working group report; research briefings

Bulletin 17
June/July 2020 - Infographic – Stress, Interpersonal violence and COVID-19; Knowledge Hub calendar of activities

Bulletin 16
March 2020 - Shared wisdom from projects – FGM/C and TransFormed   

Bulletin 15
January 2020 - Trauma and Violence Intervention Research:  Promoting safety and well-being across the Lifespan conference, June 2020 

Bulletin 14
September 2019 - Considering safety when conference planning; conference code of conduct; Resources 

Bulletin 13
July 2019 - June 2019 Knowledge exchange; Body work is crucial to trauma work; From feasibility to effectiveness : Building the evaluation of MindUP 

Bulletin 12
March 2019 - Inviting resilience conference, May 2019;  Common indicators to assess collective impact; Resources

Bulletin 11
January 2019 - art activities in trauma- and violence-informed work

Bulletin 10
October 2018 - Bringing trauma-informed health promotion projects to life – videos; Research updates; Resources

Bulletin 9
July 2018 - May 2018 Knowledge exchange – trauma, resilience and knowledge mobilization in Indigenous context; Knowledge translation;  Trauma-and Violence-Informed Health Promotion Peer Support programs

Bulletin 8
February 2018 - Trauma- and Violence-Informed Parenting Programs To Prevent Child Maltreatment and Improve Mental Health;  Resources

Bulletin 7
November 2017 - September 2017 Knowledge Exchange 

Bulletin 6
August 2017 - The World Takes Interest in Trauma-Informed Health Promotion Interventions; Projects Engage Participants in Research Design

Bulletin 5
May 2017 - March 2017 Knowledge Exchange; Sharing projects successes

Bulletin 4
February 2017 - Healthy Relationships conference;  Project updates; Resources

Bulletin 3
December 2016 - Knowledge Exchange 

Bulletin 2: 
August 2016 - What is a community of practice? 

Bulletin 1: 
June 2016 - Introducing the Knowledge Hub