resized_info_english.jpg3 Ethical Challenges that Gender-Based Violence Intervention Researchers Face

 This infographic highlights 3 challenges identified in the report Toward a trauma- and violence-informed research ethics module: Considerations and recommendations. 

  1. 1. Protection vs. empowerment
  2. 2. Researcher vs. Counsellor
  3. 3. Understanding organizational roles 

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image of infographicStress, Interpersonal Violence and COVID-19

This infographic identifies ways the COVID-19 pandemic impacted peoples' lives and the impact it has on intimate partner violence, sexual violence and child maltreatment. Strategies for coping with the impacts of violence and pandemic-related stress are provided. 







small thumbnail of infographic - click for fullsize versionCommon Indicators to Assess Collective Impact Infographic

Projects funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada from 2015-2022 came together tp identify possible common indicators that could be measured across projects that relate to health promotion.  This infographic summarizes the indicators identified. 





 img-thumb-vicarious-trauma.pngVicarious Trauma Among Researchers

This infographic identifies: 

  •  - circumstances that may contribute to vicarious trauma among researchers,
  •  - signs that a researcher may be experiencing vicarious trauma, 
  • - factors that may contribute positvely and negatively to a researcher's experience of vicarious trauma, 
  •  - ways to mitigate vicarious trauma.